Aloha from Ka Hui Ho`olu!

After almost a year we are back to being able to send newletters!! A virus got us and we were afraid to send anything out until we were sure we weren’t passing it along.  We hope this finds everyone well and enjoying life. Our bad weather has passed and we are having some really nice, though windy, days to do just about anything on the island. We do have road work going on so there are some delays but nothing that can’t be dealt with with some planning, ie – if you are going to the Northshore and need to be back on the south side by a certain time give more than you think is needed. Some fun things right now and for the next couple of weeks are happening – the Prince Kuhio celebration is from 11-26 March and there are rodeos, craft fairs, music and dancing, tours and demos and lots of other things to choose from. Today is the Pacific International Men’s Spearfishing via Free Diving competition. Folks from different places around the world are competing. So if you are here or will be soon there are new things to do. May day – 1 May, brings out all the lei makers. Summers are busier with families but it’s great weather and Kauai always is a wonderful place to visit! We have grown too as a business and now can offer a place on island if you choose not to get services in your rooms. The Beauty Shop at Kilohana also offers hair, nails, waxing, and permanent make-up as well as massage and facials and is a place you can take the family who can check out the shops and grounds while you get gorgeous for lunch or dinner at the newly opened Gaylords restaurant. (The men and kids can get gorgeous too!) We hope to see you back here soon. Until then…

May News

We have had incredibly stormy weather this past week which means when it clears up we will have incredibly good days, so if you are planning another visit in the future it should be beautiful!! And green!!! In addition to good weather for beach outings of all kinds we have a lot of events happening into the summer. The poka round-up and petal to the meadow, which is a bike ride up to Koke’e from Kekaha is the end of May and happening on the west side. Basket making classes with the banana poka are really popular and fun and up end up with something useful!! Taste of Hawaii is happening in June and is a way to sample foods from Hawaii all in one place. This summer there is also the first Plein Air paintings show and the Kamehameha parade. Throughtout the summer there are art and craft fairs and concerts too. And 5 and 10 k runs and other contests. So lots to do while you are here. Based on feedback from guests the best times to get massages are just off the plane for jetlag, in the middle of vacations for relaxation and at the end for an easy trip back to start your regular lifes again. Or all 3!! Our sister company, The Beauty Shop, is opening another place at Kilohana, so if one of you wants to go shopping and the other isn’t into that so much, that person can get massage, nails, hair, etc. done at the same time and place. We hope you are well and happy and look forward to seeing you again soon! The Ka Hui and Beauty Shop gang

Feb News

Aloha again!! I know it isn’t even 2 months since we wrote  but we have added some things you might want to know when you are planning your next Kauai vacation. We’ve been noticing that many people come here to celebrate  anniversaries, birthdays and holidays so we have added direct booking discounts for your b-days, wedding anniversaries and these holidays – 1 January – New Years – start the year right!!, Valentine’s day – celebrate love!!, first day of Spring – 21 March – it’s new so why not you?!?!, of course Mom’s/Grandmom’s Day in May and Dad’s/Granddad’s Day in June, 4th of July – celebrate independence from aches and pains!, Labor day – 1st Monday in September – (or maybe Unlabor day when you get to really relax), Veteran’s day, 11/11 – for all the vets who have been there for us – now it’s their turns! and December 15th to celebrate all the holidays in this month. And because we are in Hawaii two of our own – Lei Day – 1 May, and August 20 – Admissions Day for the big 5-0!!! You can go to our website or call us at (808)332-6363 or see us on facebook at Ka Hui Ho`olu Outcall Spa. We are also working on getting on Yelp for comments (hopefully glowing ones!!) so please feel free to visit there and of course share this info with your friends.  We are still having great weather and the whales are putting on shows mornings and evenings. Great entertainment!! Hope to see/hear from you soon!! The Ka Hui gang

Dec News

Aloha from some wet weather!!  Winter is here which means that we get a bit of everything still but more rain! It is nice tho with everything being green and it is fun  to get in the water in Poipu or Hanalei in full sun and look at the mountains and see black clouds. The whales  are back!! It is great to look out in the ocean just about anywhere and see them breaching and slapping their tails around. If you are here soon you can join in a whale counting, if you like. They are usually around thru February. We are trying out facebook so you can stay in touch and help let friends know about us there. Just go to facebook and type in ka hui ho`olu and we should come up. We just started so there might not be much there now but we appreciate any comments you would like to make and will be checking it often. Wishing you all the best in the coming year and hope to see you again! Aloha til then!

Sep News

Aloha again!! The summer crowds are gone, the Kauai marathon is over, the weather is perfect, the surf is on the southside… Can’t get much better. Kalalau is closed for trail fixing except by boat, until Halloween. The 2 mile walk to Hanakapiai will be open. Paddle boarding in Hanalei Bay and the ocean is really fun and a great workout! Craft fairs are coming up in October/November and go on into the holidays. Kauai is a very artistic place so you may find some amazing things!! We have a few new restaurants too – Chutney’s for great Indian food in Kapa’a and Josselin’s Tapa’s Bar in the Kukui’ula Shopping Village in Poipu. Ka Hui Ho`olu is now on facebook under our name so please feel free to visit and post comments and share with your friends. If you are interested in manicures and pedicures and hair services call The Beauty Shop in Kapa’a. If you mention you heard about them from Ka Hui Ho`olu they will give you a 20% discount. They offer spa services in a really nice, clean place at affordable prices. Check them out at Hope to see you back here soon!!

June At Ka Hui Ho’olu

Aloha from Kauai!! We are just a week away from the official summer date and the weather is beautiful and still cool enough to really enjoy!! We are also starting Bon Dance season with the Hongwanji’s taking turns in hosting events. They are fun and most places you can also join in the dancing. Also Kalalau will be closing for two months beginning by September for some major rockfall mitigation work on the south end of the beach. This is for the safety of those who like to go there to hunt or hike. Some friends have been clearing the trail and will continue until it is done,  so after the September work it should be nicer and safer to visit there. In the meantime, there are the boat rides and heliocopter ways to see that part of the coast. Kolo’a PLantation Days will be celebrated the 3rd week of July with a parade, rodeo, history walk and more. It’s really fun to go and learn about that part of the island.  More and more of Kukui’ula Village shops and restaurants are opening and on the Eastside we have a great new Indian place, Chutneys. Surf is more southside this time of year for all the surfers. If you have any questions and we can help out, please let us know! We would love to hear from you and/or see you again!!

The Ka Hui Ho`olu Outcall spa gang

Kahui Ho’olu News

We are almost into spring and that means great weather and surf switching back to the Southside for you surfers. The road to Polihale has been redone by some of the folks here who just couldn’t wait for the state to fix it and we hear it is pretty easy to get out there for anyone who wants to go. Also there is work going on on the Kalalau trail to make it safer for hikers in that area. Lei day is coming up in May and the museum in Lihu’e has a contest open to the public. The lei are amazing!! Check it out if you are here. Shops and restaurants still are opening and closing with our economy so you will find some new places to wander when not out doing something sporty or lazing on the beach. Ka Hui Ho`olu just got our website up again so please check us out. You can go to and there we are! Hope all is wonderful with all of you and that we will see you again sometime. Please let us know if we can do anything for you from here. Aloha, the Ka Hui Ho`olu gang

January Newsletter

This is just a mini-newsletter that will be sent out every two months or so. Please use the contact form to get in touch, or signup for the newsletter! Aloha!